Author: Susanne

We help sell Seashells

Working with scientific communities presents Small Island with some of our most challenging and rewarding work. CSIRO is one of Australia’s preeminent science groups and we are privileged to do animation work for them, here’s a recent example we are proud of.


What’s on your fork?

We just completed a pretty animation for Sprout Tasmania, to help them crowd-fund their new initiative, “Fork to Fork,” which aims to remove the big corporate middle man from local food distribution. These are awesome people and it’s an incredibly great idea so we are…



It’s hard to describe the feeling. You’re walking through your local farmer’s market on a cool winter’s morning, dodging the tourists and busy locals, all vying for the free samples and the best cheeses; and then there it is. The brand. The brand that your…


What you learn in a year

Well, we’re over a year old now (ed note: where’s my cake?!), and while we used to be all baby steps and mild drooling we’re now up to running rampant and drawing on walls with jam. With mild drooling. Yeah, that image is us. Aren’t…