What you learn in a year

Well, we’re over a year old now (ed note: where’s my cake?!), and while we used to be all baby steps and mild drooling we’re now up to running rampant and drawing on walls with jam. With mild drooling. Yeah, that image is us. Aren’t we pretty?

When you start up a creative agency from scratch, you begin by measuring your days in number of jobs.

Will you have enough work to justify the business?

Are your projections possibly real?

Will you be able to pay your vendors?

Justify yourself to friends and family?

Make this into something real and lasting?

Is there enough coffee in the world for this? 

One year later and the questions are still there, but have shifted somewhat.

Who are we now? Are we making it? Have we changed? Are we a success yet? Do you think we could, like, genetically engineer some kind of super-coffee?

When we launched Small Island Studios, we had a very clear mission in mind; (Kill the Batman) Simply to get as much work as possible for the superbly funny, ridiculously talented and fantastically creative illustrators, animators, composers, web and graphic designers we knew, who also called the beautiful island of Tasmania home.

If we could do that, and make a living at the same time, what a wonderful thing work would be.

One year later, and yes the questions are still there, but we can say that we are on our way to achieving our goals and we’d like to celebrate by launching our new website, which showcases the work of our creative team, whom we consider lucky to call friends.

So come take a look at us – we may be only one, but we are on our way. Hide your jam. And super-coffee.