RBR Farmer's Market

Red Brick Road Cider’s new brand signage and product

It’s hard to describe the feeling. You’re walking through your local farmer’s market on a cool winter’s morning, dodging the tourists and busy locals, all vying for the free samples and the best cheeses; and then there it is. The brand. The brand that your team worked on for months, giving time and energy but more importantly heart and soul to try and make beautiful and bright and unique. And of course you get paid for the work. And it’s great for the portfolio.

But then you see your incredibly lovely clients, whom you think the world of, and they see you and give you a huge smile and say “Doesn’t it look great?” And you feel the reward for that time and energy in a way that’s hard to describe. But it’s so good. Almost as good as the glass of cool, sweet cider they pour you.